About Us

Who are we?

A small team of multi-ethnic women. This activewear store is our way to achieve an important mission to us: help every woman to be at ease in their skin by offering them high quality and comfortable active gears.


Why choose our clothes?

  1. Have a better training experience

Our hand-made clothes are renowned for their comfort, their elasticity, their strenght and their holding. You won't have to fear for you legging to fall off or to have a camel toe. You will be so much comfortable, you'll do your exercices, yoga sessions, walks, etc. like you never did before

2. Get faster results

If your work out sessions go that well, for sure, your performance will be greater and you'll be more effective. And everybody knows that beautiful work out clothes is another motivation to be active, so you'll see results in no time.

3. Have a better day

Comfortable clothes always make a day better!

4. Save coins!

Our clothes are high quality, which make them last longer than any legging you purchase in your local store. If they last longer, you buy leggins less often and save money.

5. Support a responsible company

We work with a company where they workers are paid a fair amount, have greats job conditions and work on normal hours. By buying with us, you can be sure that you don't support an economy where they exploit workers.

6. Do your part to save the planet

Our gears are environmentally friendly, which means we use less water and energy to make them, which help to preserve the planet.

7. Have more confidence in yourself!

Finally, you'll look stunning and we all knows that when we feel beautiful, our confidence don't have limits.



So what are you waiting for?